Friday, June 26, 2009

The Blogging World Of Fashion

Fashion Bloganistas, Where Art Thou?

Where are all the true true Fashionistas that walk the walk, talk the talk and blog the blog? Please tell me where I can get a daily if possible a 3 square balanced meal of all things fashion from a fun but intelligent perspective with some snack catwalk goss in between? If only wishes were horse in Naija-Blogaria! We will get there, YES WE CAN!

Ok now that we’ve passed the Obama Intro or is it the JENIFA mini skit that’s reigning now? Anyways moving on, it is not really as bad as I have put it. When I started doing research for this piece, I had already started looking for blogs about fashion because I think I caught the fashionpreneurial Bug-I’m actually on my way to becoming a world class fashion designer courtesy of House of Henri Fashion and Art Academy, many a magazine a pull out that I pore over weekly, presenting on television (you gotta look the part even if you’re talking about the weather) and now a budding fashion writer (check me out in ThisDay Style, TW Magazine and more to come), so WATCH THIS SPACE!

You have to give it up for J’adore who rightly clinched the prize in the Naija Bloggers Award for the best fashion blog. She knows the real Coco not the one we drink or D Banj’s, she is on top and on par with the West and whenever I need some help with all the fashion grammar, I know where to go. I love how she lives out what she preaches-FASHION. Whether she features in the pictures or not, you cannot leave without being inspired to up your game…dressing wise. Recently, she does a throwback on cropped tops and reminisces on how she wore them in her high school days to parties in the coal town-Enugu.

Haute Africa is a website with a blog which is regularly updated depending on what’s going on (Naija weekend events are very popular here). So you know where to go and sometimes there are some fashion nuggets from around the world. The Haute blog has the latest from this year’s ARISE African Fashion Week 2009, very cool pictures. The website also hosts tabs for Art, Designers, Art, Events, Features, Haute Spots, Haute Tv, Models, People & Tributes, Street Stylin’ and Discuss (for the interactive forum). Well done Wadami for still finding time to manage the site as well as her round-the-clock job as the Ediatrix of Hi Magazine.

Read the rest here. The website is very insightful and regularly provides general overview reviews of the blogging scene albeit the Nigerian ones. So even if fashion is not your thing you can check out the literary reviews like 'We Write' and 'Literature Is A Minority Affair'.

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