Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Poetry for Charity

How about giving to the society by buying a book?

Poetry for charity
is a project which aims to bring together several writers from various regions of the world using the facebook social networking website, with a common aim of donating their poems and spoken word pieces to be added to a collection. All the revenue raised from the sale of the book would be donated to 3 different charities for every edition of the collection. The first “Poetry for charity, Volume one” has just been released and features the work of 34 writers from different backgrounds and volume two has 68 contributing writers.

The list of contributing writers includes some well known poets but most importantly, through poetry for charity we have been able to encourage a new breed of writers, and support worthy causes. We have been able to show that no matter your age, background or experience, writing is a form of expression and it is possible for you to develop your writing skills. The assistance to the charities has been immense, not only in monetary donations but also the increase in the awareness level of these charities, the members of the group have been encouraged to continue their relationship with the charities, and support them in whatever way they can even after buying the book. Poetry for charity also reaches a global audience; this means that the words of the contributors reach further than many perhaps imagined.

The cover photo for volume two has been donated by renowned photographer,Mr Jide Alakija.

Read more here; buy the book here.

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