Friday, June 12, 2009


We happened on (sounding Shakespearean) a Guardian UK piece about Kate Atkinson's ideal writing situation: "to have enough money … [to] write and not be published". Her latest crime novel, When Will There Be Good News, won the best book of the year gong at the British book awards; she is also a Whitbread prize-winner Kate Atkinson.

Very odd, aint it? Why would anyone write and not want to get published?

Some writers write because that's the best thing they can do; others see writing as a means to survival; while yet another see it as a way to be heard, a means of emotional and psychological release.

On Bookaholic Blog, we write because we love arts and would love to spread some writerly love to all ye art lovers So to the question and away from my ranting: why do you write?


  1. Comments from Facebook:
    Uche Umez: "to remind us of all seemingly hopelessness and tangibly breakable joys."

    Jennifer: "hey! visited the Bookaholic blog...very refreshing! keep it up!!"

    Defunke Adewunmi: "i write wat is on my mind"

    Toun Ajao: "I write to let off steam. And to keep stuff on record."

    Bukola Sowunmi:
    "to express myself, pass a message, keep info that i don't want to forget"

    Toyin Owolabi: "...Because everyday bears a new thing(experience,ideas,relationship, from different contexts which proffers meaning to life's continuity.Writing is one special food for man's soul...It spans through the entirety of human existence...Writing is life and it continues as long as life is alive."

    Ifeh: "i write for self-actualization........."

    Akeem Akinniyi: "I write to be happy."

  2. Funny, i was asking myself that very same question today. Descartes said, "I think, therefore i am." Well, for me: I write, therefore I am. There's a comfort in finding one's own internal voice, although at times I become disconsolate over not having better external outlets for it. Begin to feel like I'm shouting in an empty room. Although I certainly don't know any better, and writing certainly chose me.

  3. I write to enjoy myself. Just like some party to enjoy themselves.