Tuesday, December 1, 2009

CNN Africa Journalist Award&The Nordic Africa Institute Residency...

The CNN MultiChoice African Journalist Competition is the most prestigious Award for journalists across the African Continent. Its objective is to reinforce the importance of the role of journalists in Africa’s development and to reward, recognise and encourage journalistic talent across all media disciplines.

Who can enter:
You must be an African National, working on the continent for African owned, or headquartered, media organisations. Your work must have appeared in printed publications or electronic media that is primarily targeted at and received by an African audience.

What the judges are looking for:
Our panel of independent, highly respected and experienced judges are in pursuit of excellence. They will be looking for entries which:

  • Tell the story in a balanced, comprehensive and objective manner
  • Demonstrate journalistic integrity and resourcefulness
  • Communicate the story in a way that makes the topic accessible and relevant to their audience
  • Display well organised research and insight
  • Was broadcast or published, in English, French or Portuguese only, between January and December 2009 with proof supplied
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Nordic Africa Institute Residency Opportunity
The Nordic Africa Institute invites applications and nominations for a three-month grant as African Guest Writer at the institute in the latter half of 2010 (September through November). The application should reach the institute by 31 December 2009. Nominations should be submitted as soon as possible, but no later than 30 November 2009. The selection committee will announce its decision by 20 March 2010.

Previous Guest Writers
The Nordic Africa Institute has previously hosted four Guest Writers, Ama Ata Aidoo from Ghana, Gabeba Baderoon from South Africa, Tolu Ogunlesi from Nigeria and Shailja Patel from Kenya. These Guest Writers have added in a very positive way both to the dialogue and interchange at the institute itself, and have given a new dimension to its interface with various groups and audiences in the Nordic countries.

The purpose of the grant is threefold:
  •  Firstly, to provide an opportunity for writers to concentrate on their work during their stay.
  • Secondly, to facilitate readings to audiences in Sweden, and one or two other Nordic countries by visits to those countries. The itinerary is negotiable, but should include at least one other Nordic country – Norway, Denmark, Iceland or Finland. The guest writer of 2010 will also be required to participate in the Gothenburg book fair in September, which has Africa as its focus.
  • Thirdly, to allow the guest writer to interact with researchers, guest researchers and other staff and visitors at the Nordic Africa Institute, hence contributing its intellectual and cultural atmosphere.
  • Applicants must have some documented record of writing, with at least some published work. The applicant must be able to express herself/himself in English, although this does not have to be the language she/he writes in. We encourage young writers to apply.
  • The application must include name, full contact details (residential address, telephone and e-mail), a curriculum vitae or a summary thereof, including a list of previous writing and performances, a freely worded explanation of why the grant appeals to the applicant, and two references – including their contact details. 
  • The application must include up to (but not more than) three works by the applicant in English, French or Portuguese, preferably in published format. The works may be originally written in other languages, but they must have been translated into one of the three languages mentioned. There are no application forms for this grant. Please note that incomplete applications will not be considered.
Nominations must reach the Nordic Africa Institute by 30 November 2009.
Applications must reach the Nordic Africa Institute by 31 December 2009.

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