Saturday, December 19, 2009

Myne "Mends Our Hearts"

Myne Whitman takes us into the "tickling" world of romance with her new book A Heart to Mend, which beckons us into Gladys' open future as she meets Edward with a closed past. Now that's too simplistic for a novel that's more than romance as you need to find out what's closed and what's open. Good it takes us away from the stories we are almost tired of reading; those ones that weigh us down with a certain sense of responsibility or pessimism (as the case may be). Not that there's anything wrong with that. What I am saying is that it's necessary fresh air.

Am I generalising? Okay how many love stories written by Nigerians (Africans) have you read this year? Oh you tell me there are more pressing issues peculiar to Africa--poverty, corruption, power play, wars and more pressing ones like President Yar' Adua's health. True, but don't forget that there are still love stories here too. It's good to read something different. Some may say it's ideal to think about love amidst all these but love (romance) still exists against all odds.

Alright away from my rant, take a sneak preview of the novel here.

Also expect an interview with Myne on Bookaholic soon. It's in the works!


  1. the book's a splendid read and the writer, a beautiful mind..good one,bookaholic