Thursday, December 10, 2009

So you ITCH to be a writer?

Now this is a call for submissions by ITCH Online, an unusual but creative online expression for art of diverse forms. Learn more about how you can be part of their latest call for submissions here. Maybe ITCH Online would temporarily stop that itch to be a writer, who knows? Wait a minute, can the itch to write stop?

Artists working in any medium and writers expressing themselves in any form or genre are invited to submit work for the fifth issue of ITCH Online. The "theme" is: ?

What the ???? Questions are marked by a sign that can furrow the brow and send the mind on a mission for answers. Be they rhetorical, theoretical, existential, practical, emotional, educational or mundane, questions surround our lives and saturate the experience of being human.

Why? When? Where? How? Whom? What?

Sometimes we ask these things and sometimes we do not. When do we ask these things and when do we not? How and why are questions expressed, how and why are they not? What are your big questions and little mysteries? What are the one-word answers, the lengthy diatribes, the evasions and explications that accompany the queries and uncertainties that dog your experiences?

ITCH allows you the freedom to be yourself, the freedom to interpret this 'question' theme in any way that you wish--to speak to or against it, to explore or ignore it, with words, sounds and/or images. And of course, in all forms--Poetry, prose, essays, book reviews, short stories, unclassifiable writing, photography, graphic design, sound art, visual work, animations, short films, drawings, paintings, and more...

Deadline: 15 January 2010.

Full guidelines here.

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