Sunday, December 13, 2009

Lagos Meets Abuja

Now all Bookaholics based in Abuja should be excited. You can hang out with Teju Cole, author of Everyday is for the Thief. This is most definitely going to be fun...we were at the reading at CCA with Jumoke Verissimo so we know a lil already. So where would you rather be?

The Writer
Teju Cole is a writer and photographer currently based in Brooklyn. He has worked as a cartoonist, dishwasher, lecturer, gardener and haematology researcher. His writing has appeared in various journals in Nigeria and the US. Every Day is for the Thief is his first novel. He also writes a regular column on Next. And famous for his Letters to a Young Writer (which we think all budding writers should google, read and re-read).

The Book
A young man decides to visit Nigeria after years of absence. Ahead lies the difficult journey back to the family house and all its memories; meetings with childhood friends and above all, facing up to the paradox of Nigeria, whose present is as burdened by the past as it is facing a new future. Along the way, our narrator encounters life in Lagos. He is captivated by a woman reading on a danfo; attempts to check his email are frustrated by Yahoo boys; he is charmingly duped buying fuel. He admires the grace of an aunty, bereaved by armed robbers and is inspired by the new malls and cultural venues. The question is: should he stay or should he leave?

The Reading
Venue: Pen and Pages Bookshop Plot 79, Ademola Adetokunbo Crescent, White House, Wuse 11
Date: Monday 14th December (Tomorrow).
Time: 6pm
Pass: FREE entry ( don't have to pay!)

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  1. Saw this on naijablog and FB, should be a good outing.