Sunday, December 27, 2009

Here Comes Saraba IV...

Saraba Magazine has suceeded in making a name for itself in literary circles--issue after issue.  Here's Issue IV, please download a free copy of the electronic magazine from the website. You can also download previous issues and the new poetry chapbook (Of Rhythm and Reason with an Introduction by Niran Okewole).

And of course, Saraba Mag is fast becoming the budding writer's hub. You can consider submitting your pieces to them next year. They have their themes and deadlines all spelt out. The first issue would be in March and would focus on The Niger Delta (which we are so looking forward to!). The issue hopes to explore the crossroads between the arts and this much talked about place. Entries for unsolicited fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction, creative essays, new journalism, reviews and interviews would close on January 31, 2010. Feel free to visit the website for more information on this.

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  1. This latest issue was really packed. They did a good job.