Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What's Hot Now...

This holiday is time to get away. Yes, away from work and everything that makes our lives monotonous. Well, before work (and life) resumes. Life is real good lazying around with a cold glass (of anything) and a good book. Or reading stuff online that make you chuckle (now that's away from all the comic relief about dear president and the failed suicide bomber!). That's what the holiday allows us. Here are some online literary magazines you can read even as you plan 2010.

While you enjoy Saraba, you can also read interesting articles the Maple Tree Literary Supplement here. It has an interesting response to Chimamanda's 'Danger of a Single Story' here.  African Writing Issue 8 also has real good pieces to last you this break. Well, that's what's hot right now. Enjoy!!!

NB: You can also check their submissions tab (on the websites) for info if you'd like to be part of these projects!

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