Sunday, May 3, 2009

Calls for Submission: ANA Review

The Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA) has invited entries for its journal, ANA Review, dedicated to scholarly criticism, book reviews, essays, interviews, tributes, travelogues and creative writing.

General Secretary of ANA, Denja Abdullahi said,"Entries should be kept within a thousand words, only exceeding it when the author finds it inevitable. Even then, the maximum limit should be 2000 words."

"As much as possible, authors should include visual (picture artwork or drawing) that complements their writing. Such file/s must be sent as email attachment/s in .jpeg format. This provision is obligatory for book reviews, which in addition, should include a picture of the book cover page, and vital statistics like number of pages, ISBN, publishers, year of publication, names of author, editor (for anthologies of journals), and reviewer."

The deadline for submission of entries, which should include the author's full names, address, phone number and brief biography, is July 30, 2009.

Interested people within and outside Nigeria should e-mail their pieces to

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