Friday, May 1, 2009

Crown Troupe Presents Joy Bewaji's 'Eko Dialogue'

Crown Troupe of Africa will dramatise Joy Isi Bewaji's witty anecdotes of Lagos life as contained in her most enjoyable EKO DIALOGUE (and as directed by Segun Adefila)

Date: Sunday May 3rd
Venue: Cinema Hall 1 of the National Arts Theatre, Lagos.
Time: 3pm and 5pm.
Gate Fee: N500 (N200 for children)

Also on duty will be Footprints and Nefertiti; Crown Troupe will also perform their socio-political dance skit- Fellow Country Men...

Where would you rather be this Sunday?

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A Review of Eko Dialogue
Anyone who lives in Lagos will agree that it is a complex city of paradoxes - a place that brims with many cities in dialogue in the heads of its dwellers.

Joy Isi Bewaji's Eko Dialogue explores the many voices that roar through this chaotic mass in a witty and sarcastic way.

The book opens with a prologue titled ‘My Lagos' which introduces the reader to a city filled with hustles and bustles, chanting and noises - a world of extremes. From here, the writer penetrates into the minds of Lagosians, rendering in interesting ways the day-to-day dialogues in the city otherwise known as ‘Eko'.

Each story introduces characters and situations that we are not unfamiliar with, though sometimes we choose to close our eyes to them.

Bewaji knows her Lagos well; you can hear and smell it through each word from her pen and this is revealed, not only through her detailed description of the metropolis, but the clinical dissection of its residents through the characters and the language that is very "Lagosian".

The author's characters are everywhere: the passengers and conductors on a molue; the distraught job seeker, a ‘paraga' seller; and a greedy pastor who feeds fat on his impoverished congregation in the story, ‘The Sower and the Ravenous Wolf'.

Read the rest of 'People of the City' here.

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