Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The desire to write is like an ulcer...

From a Poem to its Creator

By Odoh Diego Okenyodo

54pp; Hybun Publications

Poetry is a sojourn into the world of creative imagination-an adventure into the realm beyond the beyond. Odoh Diego's ‘From a Poem to its Creator,' a collection of captivating poems raises its head high in the world of real poetry. Diego shows that the desire to write is like an ulcer that keeps spreading till it gets attention.

According to Niyi Osundare ‘the remarkable writer is one who is able to bend, if not break the precept rules of language-the linguistic outlaw, who has flouted the hallowed ‘Thou-shalt-not' of language.' Okenyodo plays on words (pun, assonance and alliteration) and coins new words (neologism/coinage)...

It is one thing for the mind to take a creative stroll; it is another for the poet to be able to capture the journey in words; and greatest is the ability of a poet to take readers along on a poetic tour; Okenyodo succeeds at this to a great extent.

Read full review by Oyindamola Olofinlua here.

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