Saturday, May 23, 2009

Win a Free book: Eko Dialogue

Who says reading can't come with winning? In an earlier post, we told you to watch the space. Here are the questions that may make you win a free copy of Joy Isi-Bewaji's Eko Dialogue:
  • What is the name of troupe (and its director) that performed Eko Dialogue recently?
  • Mention two major characters in any two of the stories?
  • What is the name of Joy Bewaji's new magazine and what magazine was she working with before?
Clues: they are everywhere, you only have to search (either online or in the book).

So let's see who makes the first successful shot...results with runners-up will be put here.

What are you waiting for? Start reading, searching or making your comments!


  1. 2) the paraga seller and the greedy pastor
    1)the crown troupe of africa
    3)the new magazine is "spice" and she used to work for "festacbreed" mag...yeah, i am old school...

    I know I have won. My email is i can give u my add!


  2. I forgot, in between "festacbreed" and "spice" she worked for "genevieve"...this na extra points oh!

  3. sorry, i missed one part, the directors name is Segun Adefila (its part of the number one question)...thank you...i think i am done now

  4. I know I have one, no need to announce runners up! id on win finish!!!!!!!!i dey wait the book! see as my luck just dey shine anyhow today! chei. Free book! He is a miracle working God, he is a miracle working God...

  5. Oh, I meant to say I have "won"...okay, now I am done!