Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sefi Atta Nominated for southStory Million Writers Award

Sefi Atta's story Grief Mongers, an excerpt from her novel Swallow is on the nomination list ofstorySouth.

storySouth aims to prove that the internet is not just a medium of flash and style; that excellent writing can attract attention without programming gimmicks and hard-to-read fonts. To this end, storySouth practices clean, simple web design.

For more Sefi Atta and her work see herehere and here.

To vote for your favourite story, go here.


  1. Comments from Facebook
    @Ogo:"Well done, Sefi..."

    @Uche:"best of luck to her"


    @Bookaholic: Convert all these to votes people...Vote for your favourite story...

  2. @Toyin Owolabi (Facebook)"Sefi's literary interest has been "compensated" over the years and I really think her works have offered her such recommendations/commendations.Kudos to her..."