Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A penny for your thought on a world of books?!

Let us know what you think about books?


  1. I love the feel of a book. I love the smell when they are grouped en masse, preferably aged and yellowing. I love the worlds that they open doors to for me. I love how they let me walk in another person's shoes. I love when the words inside sing. I love when I finish the last page and the story resonates in my heart for days, weeks, years.

    Did I mention I love books????

  2. Books are to me what sex was to Romeo and Juliet...I said that in the article I wrote for Farafina...

  3. I love books for they hold a wealth of wisdom and knowlege. It broadens the mind. It takes you places you might never have the chance to visit in a life time. You can pick and focus on any genre or topic u want, as opposed to watching a whole lot of rubbish on TV. I love getting lost in the world of the writer as I try to grasp and understand the picture he / she is trying to portray.

    I love the smell, the feel, the weight... I love reading, and I love reading books.. :-)))

  4. Wisdom, knowledge and understanding are the foundations of our existence. These core ingredients responsible for our progress can be found in a world of books. A world of infinite possibilities, where dreams and realities abound in abundance. Welcome to my world...

    These are the opening lines to Bookaholic with Bella!

  5. Books leave me with a certain kind of anxiety. Probably because, more and more, I am realizing how much I depend on them to know myself and the world.

  6. I can't do without them. No one should. It's that simple.