Monday, April 27, 2009

Witty Sayings in Pidgin English

1. He who fights & runs away....Na fear catch am.

2. Pikin wey no sabi em mama boyfriend....Dey call am brother.

3. A rolling stone no just dey roll....Na person push am.

4. He who lives in a glass house....Na im pepe rest.

5. A stitch in time....dey prevent further tear tear.

6. Birds of d same d same mama born dem.

7. One good correct power steering be that.

8. A bird in hand....wetin e wan be again if no be barbeque/Suya.

9. Half better than buns or puff puff.

10. D journey of a thousand miles....Ol' boy e beta make u carry okada.

11. The patient dog....Na hunger go kill am.

12. All work & no play....Na Banker be dat.

13. He who laughs mumu, y im no catch d joke d 1st time


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