Friday, April 3, 2009

Write for Kids



Please include a self-addressed stamped envelope with your submission. Stories for consideration should be sent to: Popcorn Magazine for Children, 8320 Brookfield Road, Richmond, VA 23227. We prefer not to receive submissions electronically.


Payment $75 and up
You should be knowledgeable about your topic.Try to make your topic entertaining, exciting and enjoyable.

We encourage creativity and thinking. If you are writing about cultural or ethnic traditions, you should have a good understanding of the topic. Include references where necessary. Use quotations if you are quoting someone


Payment $75 and up. The stories should be 800 words or less. We will not accept stories containing violence or crime. The original stories should relate action and a positive theme. We like to teach without seeming to and inspire the readers by having the main character overcome the presented challenge by their own actions or thoughts.

Stories featuring world cultures, the arts, sports, adventure, mysteries and traditional tales are encouraged


Payment $25 and up The directions should be clear and appeal to the 7-14 age group. The directions should have no more than five steps. Projects should use materials that are easily available and inexpensive.

Submit ideas and crafts that are appropriate for any season. Seasonal crafts are also acceptable. Be creative while maintaining safety standards.

If possible, submit a sample or photo of your completed craft. The submissions must be original.

Please download a copy of Popcorn Magazine for Children for $3.95 by clicking here


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  2. "We like to teach without seeming to." Something that Nigerian children book authors are not very good at.