Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tales of a bookaholic...

In my bid to get people reading again and resurrect the ‘dying' literary culture, I started presenting Bookaholic with Bella (BWB) on Silverbird Television. BWB in a nutshell: "We discuss everything books from a fun but intelligent perspective" - that's my opening line. With ten episodes in the pipeline I have covered literary novels, a children's book, a poetry collection, a How-To business manual, collections of short stories and expository writing. In future episodes I hope to take on plays, graphic novels and anything good from budding authors.

I always encourage feedback on the show: send in your texts, emails, check out the blog and facebook pages. Now everyone is 'tweeting', so I'll soon be making that addition. The first text message I got in response to BWB, went like this:

"I really liked your review this morning. How do I get a copy of the book?"
I thought: wow! Someone was actually watching; and two, the person wanted the book. A double for me... or so I thought? Until I started getting other feedback... more text messages, phone calls, emails and a very special visit.

"Bella you look beautiful this morning. Write a book about yourself". Okay I'm flattered, but really - what did you think about the books or even my presentation minus the looks?

"Bella, have you ever tried contacts? Then you will become a beautyholic!" Dr... from (name of practice). Now that's what I call shamelessly uncreative (he stole my ‘holic' from Bookaholic) plugging. Sorry, my glasses suit me fine. In fact I might even get new frames, ha! No free ad for you Doc!

Phone Calls
One phone call from a certain man from MTN went like this
MTN Guy: I really would like to meet you in person.
Me: (feigning naivety) But why? You can get the books online.
MTN Guy: Okay, well I need some advice, I work in MTN but I have an offer from a Bank.
Me: Well you need to identify your passion, long, mid and short term goals. You also have to think about the opportunity cost.
Seeing that I was talking, MTN Guy tried his luck again.
MTN Guy: Yes that's why I really would like to meet you. Okay where do you work? Please can we see today?
Me: Sorry but I really have to get back to work.
MTN Guy: Where do you work?
Me: I really have to go.
MTN Guy: I will call you.
Me: It's okay. Just send an email. I can direct you on how to get the books.
We said our goodbyes. But true to his word he kept calling and then came out one day and said something along the lines on starting a relationship. ‘TAKEN' was the Close Sesame for this Ali Baba.

Mr Persistent
Another special caller was Mr. Persistent. Mr. Persistent had a great idea for a literary invention and required sponsorship. We discussed a bit on phone, with me telling him to send an email with his proposal. I got three or four lines in text language on why he couldn't reveal the secret of his invention.

Well, with no secret, no money, I told him. So the next day he sent me still in text language a sketchy idea of his project, regarding which I promptly advised him to do more research on the product, market research that is demand and supply; and contact the big dogs as I couldn't help monetarily.

Mr. Persistent started to disturb me for contacts in STV. I told him I would have to contact the people before divulging their personal details. He wouldn't hear any of it and resorted to calling me morning, afternoon, evening, night, midnight and dawn - ultimately wearing my battery down. When I eventually charged my phone after a long restful weekend, I saw 38 missed calls. I knew I was in trouble!

Mr. Persistent called me with different numbers, withheld I.D and the occasional flashes for good measure. In the end, he accused me of not providing the contacts, which he claimed he had anyway. When I asked which contacts exactly he had, he was speechless - or perhaps his credit finished!

Finish reading Tales of a bookaholic by Isabella E.C. Akinseye by clicking here.

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