Saturday, April 11, 2009

Writers' Market:Inspirational

We’re looking for contributors in a number of areas.

The first is as a reoccurring blogger. Blogs should be about 250 words each adding good pictures (that you have permission to use) always helps.

Two, Web articles of about 500 words (again we like great photography and art).

Third, video blogs and video pieces. 60 seconds to 2 minutes.These can be you talking into the camera, singing original songs and music, interviews, skits, animation and whatever else you can dream and create with video. You shoot it, we like it, we’ll post it.

Another way to get involved is in our text messaging devotionals. They are limited to 144 characters (that includes spaces and punctuation, just separate your sentences by a dash and don’t use any spaces or other punctuation). We’re always looking for great photos. If you’re a budding photographer or a full blown pro submit your photos and we’ll get them up as fast as possible. All submission posted will credit the author. If you have a webpage and/or an email address you want included in your byline let us know. This could be a great opportunity for your portfolio.

If you have more questions email us here at KOR Ministries at “” Can’t wait for your submissions.

Brio and Breakaway are for 13-16 year old girls and boys and Brio & Beyond is for 17-23 year old young women. The KOR Kast is for both genders 23 and older. Send in all submissions and/or questions to “” Look forward to hearing from all of you.

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